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Maize and Sorghum - Feb 29 2012
Mick Dennis was happy to give us some feedback on his Maize and Sorghum crops that was seeded in Tanzania with just Bio-Agtive. “This is our short variety maize planted 3 weeks ago at Chubi farm Kondoa. Left-Hand Side is planted with Bio-Agtive exhaust gas and zero till. Right- Hand Side is planted without Bio-Agtive exhaust gas but using zero till on the same day”. Mick Dennis observations so far concludes that: Exhaust = Better germination, more rapid growth, better crop colour. No Exhaust = Weak germination, slower growth, darker crop colour. “Best of all once the Bio-Agtive kit is tted to tractor the fertilizer is free. This is good for African Farmers”. “I am very impressed with the exhaust stimulation to the plants. This plant was just ripped out of the ground leaving most of the roots behind. But you still can see how well they have developed”.
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