Bio-Agtive™ China

July 2009


The N/C Quest team, led by Gary Lewis visited China in July 2009. After meetings with the Canadian Embassy, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and United Nations agencies, N/C Quest signed four agreements with governmental research institutes for 3-year Field Trials of its equipment fitted on Chinese tractors and ancillary machinery.


The agreement with Hebei Agro-resources and Environment Institute covers tests, using emissions, on the cultivation of wheat and corn. With the Dryland Agriculture Research Center of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the tests will be apk to pc mainly on corn. The agreement with the College of Engineering & Technology of Shanxi Agricultural University focuses on the mechanical aspect of the technology and its impact on the cultivation of wheat. With the Grand Northern Wilderness Company and the Science and Technology Bureau of Bao Quan Ling in Heilongjiang Province, tests will focus on corn, soybeans and rice.


It is expected that the tests will get under way in the Spring of 2010 and results will be posted when received!