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N/C Quest Australia Pty Ltd. is here on behalf of N/C Quest Inc to continue to build and support sustainability, low risk, higher returns in farming practices so you, the next generation of farmers, can have a future! We want to continue to build our group and learn/share with each other our experiments, experiences and results.



There are now systems in WA, NSW, SA, VIC, and QLD. We are heading into 2015 sowing seasons with crop updates, and field tours soon be available. We will also be attending a number of field days, keep your eyes and ears open!



Latest from N/C Quest Pty Ltd (Australia):

Bio-Agtive™ Gathering February 2015 - Parkes, NSW Australia



Forbes Bio-Agtive Gathering - Feb 24th 2012

2nd Annual Bio-Agtive™ Gathering
Friday, 24th February 2012

      Mr Gary Lewis (President of NCQ) will present latest research correlating tractor emission composition (diesel and bio-fuel) to plant growth. The Bio-Agtive™ method harnesses tractor exhaust to promote increased soil biological activity stimulating plant growth. The captured exhaust is cooled and injected into the soil while sowing or cultivating. What's going on in the soil as a result of our injection of exhaust emissions? Hear Gary explain how the soil and the plants growing in it interact biochemically, and are enhanced by, exhaust emissions.

       This is your opportunity to educate yourself and others with the Bio-Agtive™ Technology. Meet with N/C Quest members who are using the Bio-Agtive™ Method, see the results, hear the facts and receive the answers to your questions concerning your farming practices.

       Adopt a lower input, lower risk management approach to cropping with more options that improves your farm health and your lifestyle.

-Montana State University Data Presentation
-Bio-Agtive™ Theory and Plant Physiology
-Bio-Agtive™ 2012 Condensers
-2011 Summary of Australia
-N/C Quest Inc. 2012 Vision
-Questions and Answers

Location: Forbes RSL, Forbes, NSW
When: Friday, 24th February 2012
Time: 10:00 AM

RSVP: *by Thursday 23rd

Brad Modra - Director
Phone: 0427246805

Calvin Lewis - Service and Sales
Phone: 0487858142


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2010 Australia Results - Dec 10th 2010

Australia has had its challenges in 2010 from being too dry in the west and too wet in the east.

Many Bio-Agtive farmers have had great results and a much better bottom line. This year has proven that the Bio-Agtive Technology has been successful economically no matter if it is the driest year or wettest year on record.

The crops in the west survived the drought with large root systems that developed early and in the east the crops took advantage of the moisture and was evident that there were larger shoots and heads supported by a very large root system that surpassed expectations from Canola, Wheat, Barley, Lupines and Corn.

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