Dr. Jill Clapperton Speaks

     Dr. Jill Clapperton, formerly with Agriculture Canada's Lethbridge Research Station for 16 years and now the principal of EarthSpirit Land Resource Consulting, leads the way in trying to find out exactly how exhaust  does what it does in the soil.  Here's what she had to say about our Bio-AgtiveTM Emissions Technology at our 2008 convention:

"It works, and its my job to find out how it works.  We will be able to tell you exactly what's happening in the soil in 3-5 years."

     "Gary's great goal is to make sure that people are growing food that is really good for them, and that they're doing good things for the soil - that they're taking care of their soil so they can grow great food."

     "...what is really nice about using the exhaust is that we're not using too much phosphorous."

     Dr. Jill has an extensive ongoing research program.