Why is the Bio-AgtiveTM Emissions Technology Patent Pending?

Bio-Agtive™ Patent Pending

Bio-Agtive™ Farming


    N/C Quest Inc. has worldwide "Patent Pending" status on all aspects of the Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology to protect our Licensees, our Distributors, our Manufacturers and you - our potential customer.  Our low initial Technology Use Fee (license) to use the BAE Technology is purposely kept that way because we want our company to grow farmer to farmer, with Licensees becoming Distributors and Manufacturers - neighbours helping neighbours!

     And as a Licensee of the Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology from N/C Quest Inc. you get two priceless advantages.  First, you have access to the ongoing collaborative research into our revolutionary Bio-Agtive Emissions Method.  We will always guide you with the latest advice about the BAEM via our website, online web seminars, emails, and alerts - as well as traditional offline means!

     Second, you have access to The CO2Xchange, our Patent Pending carbon sponsorship program that lets enlightened consumers around the world sponsor you to practice more sustainable farming practices while you clean their air for them.  Forget carbon offsets (they're next to worthless) and join N/C Quest Inc. as we help agriculture help the planet breathe easier via the "CO2X"!