About N/C Quest Inc



About N/C Quest

Agriculture Helping the Planet Breathe Easier


 N/C Quest Inc. ("NCQ") is an energetic international company incorporated in 2005 after five years of research and development into the Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology by Mr. Gary Lewis.  Gary's family homesteaded in southern Alberta over 100 years ago, and have been farming there ever since. NCQ is the parent company that licenses the Bio-Agtive technology at the farm gate which rings back to agriculture what has been lost over the last 100 years.

Gary’s quest to understand plant physiology began in 2001 when their irrigated crops failed to grow after applying the recommended amounts of fertilizer to the export Timothy hay fields. The economics of crop production was the driving force that caused him to begin his quest for a biological solution.     

Gary recognized that the traditional synthetic ways of agriculture, that had been by science over the past 100 years had sustainability, environmental and economical problems. Gary’s challenge is to change this tradition.

Bio-Agtive™ is the trademarked name that describes one of the newest technologies in agriculture today. The method was founded and patented by Gary Lewis a fourth generation Canadian farmer that operates a family farm in the Pincher Creek area in southern Alberta along with his wife Barbara, four sons and one daughter.

 In Gary’s travels all over the world he finds the soil similar in its mineral make up. The big difference is how much carbon the plants have been able or allowed to store and how much carbon has ben lost to farming practices. An excessive reliance on nitrogenous fertilizer follows the destruction of the soils carbon or humus base. 

The Bio-Agtive Method recycles your agriculture internal combustion engine emissions into plant nutrients by cooling the exhaust down through our Bio-Agtive™ System (NCQ BA8010) which is designed to capture, cool, condition and inject your emissions safely into the soil with no back-pressure or melted houses. The Bio-Agtive™ Manger and Logger helps keep track of important information that can help safe operation, logged, reviewed and even uploaded to CO2Xchange.com for Carbon Credits!