Bio-Agtive Gathering 2015 - Parkes, NSW
Mineral Nutrients are essential for plant growth and development. Mineral nutrition of plants is thus an area of fundamental importance from the very basic farms to the most advanced agriculture operations in practice. Impressive progress has been made during the last decades in our understanding of the mechanisms of nutrient uptake and their functions in plant metabolism by using Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Technology. As a group looking further forward in applied science research we hope to continue to develop practicality uses in our technology to bring forth another level of experience within our soil health, plant growth to increase productivity and the sustainability of agriculture in the future to come. To continue to combat everything needed to overcome these advancements we welcome you to join us again at the Bio-Agtive™ Gathering 2015 to celebrate 10 years. We welcome you to come learn and relearn new technologies, theories, ideas and share with others who have been collaborating with the Bio-Agtive™ Technology Group.
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