Exhaust Water

The latest discoveries into nano-carbons show that turf/lawn increase photosynthesis, sugar exudates and roots when applied. Nano carbons that come out of a combustion engine empowers a plant to use a wider spectrum of the sun's energy to feed your soils microbial life. The microbial life then feed back to your lawn essential nutrients, removing your need to fertilize. Nano carbons promote natural biological cycle making a healthy, environmentally responsible green lawn/turf. During the Bio-Agtive process we extract these carbon compounds along with valuable main trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, sulfur and other essentials from combustion engines. This exhaust water is valuable because it can be used as nutrition for your lawn.

High concentration of Nitrate Nitrogen is captured inside the Bio-Agtive process to produce the nano carbons. This solution can be applied onto lawn/turf promoting green and healthy. Since we are using a healthy nitrogen source, the risk of lawn burn from fertilizer applications are reduced and water usage efficiency is increased.

A standard rate of 20liters will cover 100sqm of vegetation when required treatment. Treatment and rates can vary between 15L-30L/100sqm.

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