Lawn Care Workshop


MARCH 30TH - MAY 27TH 2021
Tuesdays 9AM
Thursdays 9AM

45 Minutes - 1 Hour

Extracting the emissions from your combustion engines is valuable, and no longer is a pollutant! The Carbonzyme Liquid Concentrate can be used as plant food for you lawn, garden or turf. Exhaust contains main trace elements and other essentials.

Nitrate nitrogen is captured inside the tank and is fumed onto the lawn as you mow, promoting a green growth and healthy recovery. Since we are using a healthy nitrogen source, the risk of lawn burn from fertilizer applications are reduced and water usage efficiency is increased!

The equipment is engineered to assimilate nano-particles such as nano-carbons, nitrogen, minerals and oxidized organic matter from your exhaust. The latest discovery on nano-carbon is its ability to enable your lawn to photosynthesis more efficiently.

Nano carbons that come out of your engine empowers a plant to use a wider spectrum of the sun's energy to feed your soils microbial life. The microbial life then feed back to your lawn essential nutrients, removing your need to fertilize. Nano carbons promote natural biological cycle making a healthy, environmentally responsible green lawn.

We are looking to further involve the general lawn care, landscapers industry with a new product opportunity from the exhaust emissions recycling process (Bio-Agtive) developed by N/C Quest, more specifically important now for contractors to capitalise on the big emitters carbon tax incentives to those capturing the carbon.


The Bio-Agtive exhaust emission recycling process started by capturing emissions from either farm equipment, tractors as an example in the crop production in 2006. Since 2006, Bio-Agtive has advanced the process of the on-tractor system equipment over the last 15 years to formulate now a CARBOZYME LIQUID CONCENTRATE, a microbially-enhanced nutrient solution from locomotives, power plants, transport engines, and industrial generators for the immediate use on all landscapes, range lands, industrial sites, managed park lands, golf courses, schools, urban agriculture, and residential areas, can be directly applied to soil, seed, and plants.

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