How Bio-Agtive Works

The Bio-Agtive Technology used in agriculture is simply a method utilized to empower a plant to use the sun's energy during the growing season rather than to rely on traditional cropping inputs. Think of a hybrid engine, a system designed to run itself on two different energy sources. The difference is that one source is renewable while the other is not. The way Bio-Agtive looks at farming is similar. There’s a choice at seeding time whether to grow the crops using a natural biological cycle that uses sunlight energy or to break out the tanks of liquid nitrogen at the expense of the client’s bank account and time?

By choosing the Bio-Agtive method, N/C Quest is looking to empower the crop, using its natural biological cycle to unleash its genetic potential. Soil is a vast world of living organisms, where all of which play a role in maintaining soil and crop health. Through healthy soil management, food that does not have mineral and nutrient deficiencies can be produced. This allows crops to be grown in low organic matter soils, even in stressful situations such as a drought. In Bio-Agtive’s farming practice, risk is minimized while profit margin is maximized. This can be accomplished by eliminating high-input costs while maintaining crop yield. The system is comprised of a primary heat condenser that is easily mounted on the tractor and seeding equipment. Exhaust is captured and directed through the condenser, cooling it to a manageable temperature. It is then directed into the seed cart fan, treating the seed and soil as they exit through the tines. This is a seemingly simple process which sparks an endless number of chemical reactions in both the seed and soil.

A plant that is empowered by nanocarbon, present in the exhaust, can photosynthesize more efficiently throughout its lifetime. This means more Co2 is drawn to it from the atmosphere, leading to more carbohydrates (sugar) being made and leeched back into the soil. When the organisms in the soil are fed, they begin to work for the plant by bringing vital nutrients, such as water and minerals, to it. Nitrogen-fixating bacteria begin to produce nitrogen, stimulating the crop. Roots are stimulated to drive down deep when a plant must survive using its natural resources. When an unnatural food source is present in the soil, it causes the seed to be lazy and to be dependent on that source by not using sunlight energy, thus making the soil life no longer essential.

Rather than relying on a synthetic system, nature can be used as an advantage. This cycle of both plant and soil working together is what allows Bio-Agtive to produce crops of high quality around the world without the use of fertilizers.