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Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology is a patented method for introducing cooled exhaust from any combustion engine into seed drills, tanks, sprayers, lawn mowers, and irrigation. Eventually after the cooled emissions are capture and treated they are directed onto or into the soil/crop during the direct seeding/tillage/spray application of agricultural crops. Simple results from field experiment in Manitoba, Canada back in early 2008 for seeding summarized by Dr. Loraine Bailey P.Ag, FCSA, FASA, FAIC Eco-Agronomy Consultant show that plant growth and grain yields of cereals seeded with exhaust are not significantly different from those seeded with recommended fertilizer rates of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur (NPKS), significantly better than the check (no inputs) (Bailey et al., 2008, 2009). Further experiments, practices and technological growth have been achieved over the last decade since early studies. Bio-Agtive Educational Courses are here to catch you up on the latest Bio-Agtive Technology in research, observations, new equipment, new operations and technicalities. Bio-Agtive is broken down to separate subjects to help you advance slowly but progressively on eventually using Bio-Agtive or just for your personal interest. Fill out the form below to order the Bio-Agtive Course(s) and start learning about Bio-Agtive Today! More information on each course subject can be found at the bottom of the page!


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