Bio-Agtive Educational

     The rapid theological and technological growth of the Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Technology has caused restrictions in the flow of vital technical information among users using the technology over the years. Whenever new technologies display rapid growth such as this one, educational tools are not developed until late in the process to accommodate the upkeep of vital information available to each individual that should support the consistency of data to the next users.

     Following the initial growing pain, updated information on new products, methods, theories, and procedures are merely passed simply by word of mouth. Of course, second, third, or fourth-hand information that passes forth are not very reliable and prohibit a thorough working knowledge of the equipment in question. This can obviously lead to misapplication of the product causing frustration, discouragement, disappointments, and confusion with its intended use.

     To keep up with the painful technological growth and the “restriction” of the information flow regarding proper use of the Bio-Agtive™ Technology, N/C Quest has well-trained personnel in every area of the technology. In addition, if Bio-Agtive™ is to meet both the clients’ and N/C Quest’s standards with new challenges in the agriculture industry now being presented in every corner, Bio-Agtive must continue this growth in technology in the years to come by keeping current.

     Components have and will become more sophisticated; the technology theory will become more in-depth with higher scientific fundamentals involved in the use of the technology. Most importantly, a continued increase in user’s collaboration numbers will unfold a new stage of experiments and knowledge that will allow more individuality of decisions among growers in what techniques work and what do not work in specific countries. This is not a one-fix-all technology where the same application suits everyone, instead it requires many inputs from many operators just to inform one operator of a new re-found way of doing just one thing. Likewise, to receive input on new technology information, clients must therefore give input on the technology to allow the new information to even exist.

     Essentially, if the farm operation involving the Bio-Agtive™ Technology is to continue to perform at an optimum level, then it will require equally sophisticated knowledge and system designs. The problems faced by Bio-Agtive are related to its sophistication, necessity, influence in the maintenance, troubleshooting, user ability, management, and proper information growth of the technology. The solution to end this curriculum is to increase the knowledge known among users of the Bio-Agtive™ Technology so the doubtful and questionable queries will be removed ad so the facts and basics will simply be reverted.

      Mineral nutrients are essential for plant growth and development. Mineral nutrition of plants is thus an area of fundamental importance from the very basic farms to the most advanced agriculture operations in practice. Impressive progress has been made during the last decades in the understanding of the mechanisms of nutrient uptake and their functions in plant metabolism by using Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Technology. As a group looking further forward in applied experimental research, N/C Quest hopes to continue to develop practicality uses in technology to bring forth another level of experience within the soil health and plant growth to increase productivity and the sustainability of agriculture in the years to come.

     Last but not least, to continue to combat everything needed to overcome these advancements, N/C Quest welcomes everyone to join and learn more about the Bio-Agtive™ Emissions Technology. This page is dedicated to those interested in understanding the new technologies, theories, and ideas shared with others who have been collaborating with the Bio-Agtive™ Technology Group.