Bio-Agtive Kits

BA-6380, BA-6480, Irrigation Fusion Tank IRT40, SBA12, SBA20 & SBA38

The Bio-Agtive BA6380, 6480 system is an N/C Quest built and tested air-to-air condenser system. With its low profile design and negative cooling pressure, it can be fitted to an array of multiple mounting spots on the equipment. Tig welded, constructed of aluminum shell and stainless steel cores, allows the system to be lightweight and durable. The condensers modular design allows for the systems to be joined together, increasing its cooling capabilities. This is made in Southern Alberta.


Highlights include:

· Efficient negative pressure cooling

· Innovative modular design

· Increased versatility in mounting options

· Engineered in low-profile design

The Bio-Agtive IRT40, SBA 12 - 38 are Tig welded and constructed in Southern Alberta. The Bio-Agtive Fusion Tank has been engineered to assimilate nano-particles, such as nanocarbons, nitrogen, and minerals, and oxidized organic matter from tractor exhaust, along with many other chemistries. The Fusion Tank can be utilized with multiple equipment, such as sprayers, lawn care, and irrigation and in conjunction with a Bio-Agtive condenser.


Cooling Fans

Crary Industries has developed a fan to match Bio-Agtive’s BA-6380 & BA-6480 systems. The fan fulfills the need for high-volume air flow and an efficient vacuum system for cooling tractor exhaust.


Highlights Include:

· Durable cast aluminum, non-corrosive, lightweight housing

· Compact size

· Unique flow control, overrunning check, and reverse check that are available on hydraulic motor driven fans


Hydraulic Motor

Mounted to the Crary fans is Hydro Leduc’s MA10 and/or MA18 10-18hp hydraulic motor spinning the fans up to 8,000 rpm.


Start-Up Services, Installation, & Training

Prior to installation, N/C Quest (NCQ) will have a discussion with the farmers about their crops and agricultural practices to ensure they get the best results for their new Bio-Agtive method. In the discussion, NCQ will go over the soil test and types, plant varieties, and seed rates.   


Customer Installation Responsibilities

Listed below is a general overview of customer installation responsibilities:

· Tractor and equipment must be cleaned and must be in working condition.

· If the installation will be done on an air seeder, the air seeder must be connected to the tractor.

· If possible, equipment must be in an undercover facility and/or flat level ground.

· Upon the system arrival, the customer or a nominated staff must be on site for installation and training.

· It is recommended that the customer has a field or place for testing after installation.



After the Bio-Agtive system is installed, on-location training, instruction, and testing will be provided by N/C Quest. N/C Quest will familiarize the customer with the Bio-Agtive method and help him/her understand this new way of farming. N/C Quest will sit with the customer when testing to teach him/her how to read and set temperatures, measure air-fuel ratios, adjust air seeder fan speed, and obtain proper seed rates.


Technology User Agreement

The annual Technology User Agreement (TUA) will be required at the beginning of each crop year. N/C Quest will send the renewal fee in the month of March. This fee consists of $1,500 + GST per serial # of each system on the customer’s farm. The TUA fee is included in the quote for the first year of using the Bio-Agtive system. If the TUA is not paid, all Bio-Agtive equipment is required to be removed and returned to N/C Quest.


The TUA gives the customer and only the customer the right to gain knowledge of the latest developments and use N/C Quest’s technology for commercial benefit. For further uses such as contracting, trails/research use, distribution, and other activities besides the current licensed intended use, please contact N/C Quest.


Extended Warranty

This warranty term is 2 years from the date of installation or the beginning of the second seeding year. It covers the following: replacement parts, shipping & handling, travel expenses, and reinstallation labor.