Bio-Agtive™ System Kits

N/C Quest Product Brochure


All prices are pre-tax, and payable in currency of the country you reside in, however prices may vary depending on your country, size and make of your tractor/equipment. The total costs of a Bio-Agtive™ System fitted to a 250HP-600HP tractor is estimated to between $40,000 and $57,000 depending on unit and installation costs.


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We want  our users to be satisfied and have safer operation with all their equipment, especially with new technology. If you are wanting full benefits of using the technology to be achieved then we recommend dealing with only NCQ Sales Represensatives found here on the NCQ Distributor list

·        CANADA
N/C Quest Inc.   (Head Office, R & D and Manufacturer)
1 (403) 628-2106 (Enquiries)
1 (403) 632-9304 (Service Calls)
PO BOX 2410 Pincher Creek
Alberta, Canada T0K 1W0
·        USA
Progressive Agriculture, Inc. (Manufacturer & Distributor)
Located at Big Sandy Montana
Ken Yirsa 406 386-2283
Justin Yirsa 406 386-2234

·        AUSTRALIA
N/C Quest Pty Ltd
Mob: 0447932404 (All Enquiries)
PO Box 781, Kent Town
South Australia 5071, AUS
Calvin Lewis - Australia Mobile 0447932404

·        TANZANIA
Mick Dennis - (Primary Distributor)
Field Master Ltd.
Mob: +255 784 327 630 (All Enquiries)
PO Box 680,
Arusha, Tanzania